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Individual score

This setting only affects the word lists

On: Each word list has individual scores on each mode option:
1-2 (English-Spanish), 2-1 (Spanish-English) and audio 2-1
Off: There is only one score for each word list.
The score is shared by all mode options

When leaving this setting on, you can have the conjugation shown by clicking on the three lines

Hide translation
of verb

Turn this setting on to practise the meaning af the verbs while practising conjugations.

You can then click on the question mark, or hit the [arrow up] key, to have the translation shown.

Keep score

Best: 15 5 20 (75%)
Now: 5 2 20

Green: Number of correct answers
Red: Number of wrong answers
Black: Total number of exercises
Underline: When a number increases, it is underlined

The system counts like this:
  • Right answer
    - when the answer is correct
    - when the field is empty
  • Wrong answer
    - when the field contains a wrong answer

You can correct the numbers yourself
Click on the red and green numbers next to Now to make a correction.

Remember to save your score
When you have done your exercises, you are offered to save the score as the best score.
To keep the old best score you just do not save the new one.

Which exercises have score?
  • Word lists
  • Grammar exercises
  • Exercises under my verbs
You can turn keep score on and of under settings
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Grammar - tips and guidance

Below you will find an overview of the different types of exercises in the grammar section and some good advice on how to proceed.

Indefinite article
un libro, una casa,...
Start with the regular words on -o, -a, -e, and add the others later.

Definite article
el libro, los amigos, las ventanas, el agua...
Here you can also move forward step by step. You can for example choose:
  • The regular words on -o og -a in singular: la chica, el lago...
  • Add the plurals: las señoritas, los niños...
  • Choose a number of words on -e and learn their gender : el coche, la frase, la noche, el diente...
  • Add the irregular words gradually: el problema, la mano, la foto, la radio...
  • Try mixing regular words ending on -a with words from the group (un/el) feminine: la amiga, el alba, la hija, el águila...

The inflexions of the nouns
Learn the plurals of the nouns. There are two types of exercises:
  • Without article: un libro - dos libros
  • With article: la cerveza - las cervezas
Start with the regular words and add other goups gradually:
  • el área - las áreas
  • - ista: el artista - los artistas, la pianista - las pianistas
  • mixed: el cumpleaños - los cumpleaños

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