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Individual score

This setting only affects the word lists

On: Each word list has individual scores on each mode option:
1-2 (English-Spanish), 2-1 (Spanish-English) and audio 2-1
Off: There is only one score for each word list.
The score is shared by all mode options

When leaving this setting on, you can have the conjugation shown by clicking on the three lines

Hide translations

Turn this setting on to practise the meaning af the verbs and words used in the exercises while practising conjugations and grammar.

You can have the translation displayed and check your memory by clicking on the question mark or hitting the [arrow up] key.

Ex 1

Ex 2

Hide infinitive

Turn this setting on to hide the infinitive of the verb in exercises where recognition of the verb is part of the exercise.

You can have the infinitive displayed and check your memory by clicking on [verb] or hitting the [arrow up] key.

You can challenge your memory further by turning the setting hide translations on at the same time:

next button

With this setting turned on you proceed from one exercise to another by clicking the button next. We recommend this setting for at calmer screen dsiplay.
Please note: You can hit the enter key instead of clicking the button.

When the setting is turned off the exercises are displayed automatically one after another without a pause.
Report an error

Make use of this function to let us know about errors and misspellings.

Turning this setting off will remove the option.

Keep score

Best: 15 5 20 (75%)
Now: 5 2 20

Green: Number of correct answers
Red: Number of wrong answers
Black: Total number of exercises
Underline: When a number increases, it is underlined

The system counts like this:
  • Right answer
    - when the answer is correct
    - when the field is empty
  • Wrong answer
    - when the field contains a wrong answer

You can correct the numbers yourself
Click on the red and green numbers next to Now to make a correction.

Remember to save your score
When you have done your exercises, you are offered to save the score as the best score.
To keep the old best score you just do not save the new one.

Which exercises have score?
  • Word lists
  • Grammar exercises
  • Exercises under my verbs
You can turn keep score on and of under settings
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Online Spanish verb drills

Welcome to The Spanish Study! This site is dedicated to help yor learn Spanish offering online interactive Spanish verb drills, grammar exercises on all levels - and much more!

The following is a presentation of the verb drills available:

  • Spanish verb drills in all conjugations
    You can practice with more than 400 Spanish verbs in all conjugations.

    Example: How do you conjugate ser (to be) in presente (present tense)?
    Fill in the right form of the verb and click on check.

    Verb: ser
    English: be

  • Spanish verb drills across conjugations
    You can be tested in multiple conjugations at one time. You choose yourself which verbs, persons and conjugations to include in the exercises. In the example below you are tested in the 1. and 2. person of decir (to say) in three conjugations:

    Verb: decir
    English: say

  • Spanish verb drills with questions and answers
    In these drills you are challenged to recognize the conjugation used in the question and then fill in the verb in the answer. Below we have chosen to include presente, condicional and imperfecto as possible conjugations. Try to fill in the right form of the verb in the answer:

    ¿haces una pregunta?
    sí, [...] una pregunta
    hacer = do
    una pregunta = a question

  • Spanish verb drills with perfecto
    The site offers advanced tools for practicing perfecto.

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